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Hello, all! Welcome to the 25th activity check for Siren's Pull!

The Activity Check is something that will be happening every month, just to check in with players, make sure that all the characters who've been accepted into the game are participating, and get a quick rundown of what characters are up to!

Some Activity Check guidelines:

1. Any character who fails to reply to the Activity Check will be removed from the game for inactivity, in order to free up the character for someone else who may wish to play them. You have ONE WEEK to reply to Activity Check until we post the removal list.

2. Any character listed as on hiatus on the Hiatus Page will be exempt from the Activity Check. PLEASE USE THE HIATUS PAGE!

3. In order to apply for more than two characters you have to give a link to a completed Activity Check on your next application.

How to Pass the Activity Check

All you have to do to pass the Activity Check is post a link to one of the following that has occurred within the past 2 weeks (since Feb. 1st):
- An entry your character has made on [community profile] sirenspull
- A log in which your character has participated on [community profile] sirenspull_logs
- A comment thread on [community profile] sirenspull in which your character has posted 10 or more comments
- An action log in which your character has participated on [community profile] sirenspull that is 5 or more comments long, total
- Note: IC Contact threads do not count towards your activity check because it is not publicly seen on the game communities.

Additionally, we'd like a short rundown of what your character is currently up to.

This doesn't have to be a long summary, just a general idea, and you're more than welcome to keep secret plots secret, so long as you give us something.

If you can't make activity check within the last two weeks there is still the seven days that AC's are open to post. This gives you three weeks in a month to post at least once.

Here is a handy-dandy HTML-coded textbox, just to make things easier:

Any questions are more than welcome.

Thanks for participating, everyone!
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Player Name: Mish
Character Name: Loki
Character Journal: [personal profile] doeswhathewants
Activity Link: HERE
Brief Summary of Character's Plot: During the snowstorm, he broke into a few drug stores and stole all the Red Bull, as well as all the blue and white M&Ms, and fuzzed out the security cameras. He and Youko moved into the HoA when the Towers blew up.

During the time loop, he initiated magical monster truck demolition derby in the middle of one of the streets and intended to cause more mayhem until it was pointed out that he should look at things from the perspective of the people he was terrorizing. So he stopped.

Covered all the toilet seats in the city with cellophane (with a few exceptions), then he assisted Pickles with special effects for the M3ntal Hauspital concert which killed something like 130 people (and which he legitimately feels bad about), then he helped Claire break into an AGI facility because she thinks it is up to no good. He is buying one of Crowley's hellpuppies once it is born and intend to teach it how to breathe fire as a proper hellhound ought to.
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